What’s the Cost for a License Upgrade?

You can do a license upgrade easily for any WPDeveloper plugin. We have a very reasonable package upgrade cost. Here at WPDeveloper, we have affordable prices for all our plugins.

What is The Package Upgrade Cost? #

You can simply just pay the difference in amount to upgrade from one package to another one. For instance, if your current package is a Single Website License of Essential Addons for Elementor– $49.97 and you want to upgrade to Unlimited Website License- $99.97, then you need to pay only the difference ($50) for upgrading. However, the license will be valid until the expiration date of your original purchase.

Package Upgrade Cost

Even if you decide not to do a license upgrade, you can continue to use our Free version. The links to the Free versions of some of our Notable Products are given below-

In order to see license validity for your purchase please login to your WPDeveloper Account. 

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